Boil advisory postponed for Lawrenceville water district customers

The expected boil advisory for Clark County Utilities Department customers in the Lawrenceville water district has been postponed, according to a statement from the county.

The advisory was postponed as water infrastructure repairs planned for Monday in the Village of North Hampton have been pushed back, the statement said.

Repairs are now expected to be performed later this week, meaning the boil advisory will be issued when repairs are completed.

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Clark County utility customers in Lawrenceville will be without water for several hourswhile repairs are being made, the county said.

Customers affected should fill a pot with water, heat the water until bubbles come quickly from the bottom of the pot to the top, keep heating the water for one more minute, turn off the heat source and let the water cool and then pour the water into a clean, sanitized container.

Customers should use boiled water for drinking, brushing teeth, washing fruits and vegetables, preparing food and baby formula, making ice and giving to pets.

Customers in other areas of the Clark County Utilities water system are not affected by the order and do not need to boil their water.

For more information about the advisory, customers can contact 937-521-2150 and press option 2.

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