Brookville women missing in New Mexico: ‘We are safe. We are coming home’

Two Brookville women reported missing while vacationing in New Mexico were found safe.

The Truth or Consequences Police Department said that Robyn Bodine, 46, and Tracie Show, 52, were found in a remote area of Catron County, New Mexico.

“I am so overwhelmed with the magnitude of the situation, the outpouring of love, and especially the amazing actions of law enforcement to help us,” aid Bodine in a released statement. “We are safe. We are coming home. most of all we are thankful.”

Friends Bodine and Shoe had been out of contact by phone or social media since before noon Tuesday, according to a social media post from the Brookville Police Department.

Truth or Consequences police copied a post from family saying that the women went missing after checking out of their hotel at the Riverbend Hot Springs.

Family said the woman planned to go hiking before their return flight. They did not return their rental car, were reported missing after they missed their flight home.

Bodine said after her ordeal she has fatigue and dehydration, but her priority is “to get home and hug my family.”

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