Is this brew for you? Six-packs going for $85 at local shop on 12-12-12

Mike Schwartz won't be peddling "Natty Light" Wednesday, 12-12-12.

Beer geek, a bred of brew lovers Schwartz holds in the high esteem, will descend on Belmont Party Supply for the release of Westvleteren XII.

“(It) is the most sought-after beer in the world,” said Schwartz, who has owned the business at 621 S. Smithville Road since 1984.

His business has created a lottery system of Facebook for a chance to win the right to buy a case. A random number generator was used to pick the winners. A second lottery will be held for beer not picked up by Monday. Schwartz had planned to open at 12.01 a.m. Wednesday, but scratch that idea after distribution issues arose related to an Ohio law that forbids giving a business the exclusive right to sale particular achololic beverages..

A case won’t come cheap.

Each six pack of the ale produced by monks at its 1,838-year-old Belgian brewery will cost you $85.

Aaron Spoores, regional sales manager for Cavalier Distributing, was not sure how many cases will end up in the region, but they will go like hotcakes. The top stores that sell products from the Shelton Brothers importers will get the lion’s share.

“It will be gone before you blink your eyes,” he said. “It is the rarest beer in the world.”

Dayton Daily News photographer Jim Witmer, a beer expert, says Westvleteren XII is a very big deal.

“It’s crazy rare,” he said. “Anybody who collects beer would like to get a hold of it.”

Like several area shops, Belmont will also sell Stone’s Vertical Epic 12-12-12, which is also known as Stone Vertical Epic Ale: The Final Chapter.

The beers are released “one year, one month and one day from the previous year’s edition,” according to Stone Brewing’s website.

Belmont will also have beer from individual years and sets containing each of the Stone Vertical Epic beers going back from Vertical Epic 02-02-02. The price has not been determined.

Schwartz said the 12-12-12 beer will be the least expensive of all the editions. Like wine, the best beer gets better over time. Schwartz has beer in his personal collection worth as much as $500.

He is expecting strong business Wednesday.

Beer aficionados take things like this very seriously, he said.

“They actually know what was in the bottle they drank,” he said. ” Beer geeks are self-proclaimed beer geeks. There is probably no other customer who knows their product as well.”