DIY under $10: dot earrings

Buying costume jewelry can be expensive, especially if you are buying a variety of colors and styles. However, I have discovered a way to make fun, unique earrings and it will cost you just $7.94 to make, but you will have enough supplies to make multiple versions of this.

Supplies needed

Items I purchased:

• Two jump rings, $1.99 at JoAnn Fabrics

• Two earring findings, $1.99 at JoAnn Fabrics

• Three hues of pink acrylic paint, 99 cents each at JoAnn Fabrics

• Gold acrylic paint, 99 cents at JoAnn Fabrics

Items I already had:

• Silicone mat

• Glue gun

• Glue sticks

• Paintbrush

• Lid around 1-inch in diameter

• Pencil

• Piece of white copy paper

• Mod Podge


1. Trace your lid onto the paper two times. These two circles will act as your guide for your earrings.

2. Place your non-stick mat over the traced images so they still show through.

3. On top of the non-stick mat, use your hot glue gun and place small circles of glue on the inside of your outline. Make sure and don’t let your dots touch or they will all blend together. Repeat this step in your second outline, too.

4. Once the dots have dried, go back in and fill in the empty areas with additional glue dots. Again, don’t let any dots touch that haven’t already dried or the will blend and you will lose the dot appearance. Continue to do this step until your outline has been completely filled in with glue dots.

5. Take your earring findings and jump rings and combine them accordingly.

6. Once both earrings are dry, flip them over and on the back side add a dollop of glue. Place the jump ring into the glue before it dries.

7. Once the jump ring is secure, take your gold paint and paint the entire back of your earring. This may take multiple coats to have an even look to this. Let dry completely.

8. Flip your earrings back over to the front. Using your three shades of pink, gradually pain each dot of glue that forms the earring. Start with the darkest pink at the bottom and about one-third of the way up switch to the middle shade of pink. Finally, in the top third of the earring, use the lightest shade of pink. This will take multiple coats. Let dry completely.

9. Using your three shades of pink, use a fairly dry brush of paint and lightly dab different colors of the pink over the entire earring. Once all dry, repeat this step but use the gold paint.

10. Apply a coat of Mod Podge to the top the painted areas to seal in the colors.

11. Once everything is dry you earrings are done and ready to accessorize your next outfit.