Could your new co-worker (your cat) use a little magic?

It is a simple equation: cat + box =  magic.

At least, that's how Brian Johnson, a local marketer and event promoter, sees it.

“All cats love boxes,” Johnson said. “(They bring) a sense of security and being hidden to attack their prey.”

With much of his regular work gone due to the coronavirus — Johnson and his associates host events and several of his clients are restaurants  — Johnson launched Cat Magic Box, a project he has had on his mind for years.

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For $10 you can have a sturdy cardboard box with a cartoon robot or dinosaur drawn on the side by the Dayton artist Christopher "Etch" Weyrich.

The business is also selling Magic Dust catnip for $5.

A dollar from every item sold will be donated to The Gem City Kitties, a nonprofit offshoot of the Gem City Catfé.

Gem City Kitties collaborate with local rescues and shelters to help find homes for cats in need.

Johnson came up with the idea more than five years ago after his kitty Queso jumped in a damaged package just delivered by Amazon and stuck his head out.

Johnson drew a chicken-like dragon on the side of the box. Hilarity ensued each time the cat popped his head out.

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The first official Cat Magic Box was printed in 2018.

With the coronavirus wreaking havoc on daily life, Johnson said many people can use a good laugh at the expense of their new “co-workers.”

"It is a bad time. We are going to do our best to make it better," he said.  
More information can be found on  or on Facebook. 

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