Reader has a good option for alcohol-free gasoline


Kurt W. writes by email: “I read your column on the alcohol-free gasoline for lawnmower storage. You are 100% correct. But there is another alternative (, especially when the only alcohol-free gas station is 150 miles away.

In the fall, I always buy 1 quart of TruFuel from my local hardware store. It comes in two types, one mixed with oil for 2-cylinder engines, and then the one without oil for 4-cylinder engines. Yeah, it seems a little expensive at $5 per quart, but I only need 1 quart to prep my small engines for winter storage, and it’s quite convenient.”


Thanks for writing, Kurt. You are right that this is an alternative alcohol-free gasoline, although expensive for use when storing seasonal power equipment. Trufuel is more than just ethanol (ethyl alcohol)-free gasoline. It contains a stabilizer than helps improve the self-life so it can be stored or used in a snow blower or lawn mower for a year or more, according to its product information. Gasoline typically has a shelf life of 90 days unless treated using a gas stabilizer.

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