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Motor News

16th annual Beavercreek Baptist Church Car Show is June 16

To submit your event for free, email Wheels at Deadline is 10 days prior to desired date of publication or event. See full list, including weekly and monthly cruise-ins, online at and look for MOTOR NEWS. AARP SMART DRIVER COURSE This four-hour course helps keep drivers updated, safe, confident...

Consumer Watch

David Santiago

Driving in the rain? Here is the one thing you should not do

Just as colorful Christmas lights herald the arrival of holiday season, flashing hazard lights serve as a sure sign that the rainy season has descended upon us. For the next six months, your driving experiences will be complicated by flooded streets, curtains of rain pounding your windshield and the nonsensical sight of blinking red lights on the tail...

Straight Talk

Reader asks about life of hybrid electric car’s high-voltage batteries

Wheels: Skip O. writes by email: “Cars operated by batteries are much in the news; I have seen almost nothing, however, about how long a battery for any given car will last, or its replacement cost. We paid $2,800 to replace a main battery, which was in its eleventh year, in a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid. The replacement battery is only guaranteed...

Wheels of the Month

PHOTOS: Two area companies compete to create two custom trucks

What do you get when you pit two truck modifiers against each other for a build-off? Well, it’s the Main Event; at least that’s what Germian Ford of Beavercreek called their recent online competition. “We wanted to do something fun, and pick-up truck build-offs are kind of popular right now,” explained John Martin, sales manager...

Wheels News to Know

Vision greatly affects driving ability

Driving is a multisensory experience that requires careful coordination and mastery of a wide array of skills. Understanding the rules of the road and having sufficient practice are only part of the equation. Being able to see the road and react to obstacles, signage and more is crucial. Drivers should not downplay the importance of visual acuity when...