Seasoned With Love: Meal prep, catering business opening in Bellbrook

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Credit: Submitted Photos

After starting Seasoned With Love from her home in 2022, owner Christi Atkins is relocating her meal prep and catering business to a building that once housed a restaurant.

It will open in the former Blueberry Cafe in Bellbrook.

“We are a seven day a week operation at this point,” Atkins said. “We do daycare lunches five days a week. We do a lot of corporate luncheons. We will be providing lunches for a local private school next year. It just felt like this could work.”

Atkins had worked in the medical field for 20 years before starting Seasoned With Love. She said she was injured at work in 2018 and wasn’t able to do much — resulting in weight gain. Once she decided to prioritize her health and started packing healthy lunches, she lost 85 pounds. Her friends noticed and wanted her to start packing them lunches.

They then encouraged her to start selling the lunches.

Credit: Submitted Photos

Credit: Submitted Photos

In the first week she made nine meals and by the third week she was making 250 meals. Today, she makes 400 to 600 meals each weekend with seven employees and four delivery drivers. Meals are currently prepped at a local church.

“They’re my best friends,” Atkins said. “I wouldn’t be here without them. It just makes waking up every day and doing this that much more worth it.”

Every Thursday morning, Atkins posts a menu featuring three meals, two breakfast options, a snack and bulk shredded chicken. Customers have until Monday to submit their order and pickup/delivery is available the following week on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings.

Customer favorites include bang bang shrimp or chicken, unstuffed cabbage rolls or cheeseburger bowls. Breakfast items could include a whipped sweet potato bowl, overnight oats, sausage gravy over roasted potatoes or breakfast sandwiches. Snacks are usually something sweet like chocolate peanut butter fudge, monster energy balls or peanut butter and jelly balls. Single servings range from $6 to $13. Family servings for up to six people range from $65 to $70.

Credit: Submitted Photos

Credit: Submitted Photos

Atkins said everything is sourced locally when possible. Everything is fresh and all food is naturally gluten-free. She offers several dairy-free options, as well as a vegetarian option for all meals. Seasoned With Love is allergy friendly.

“I love feeding people healthy food and I feel very strongly that it nourishes your body,” Atkins said.

Seasoned With Love also offers catering. Atkins said her largest catering job was for 200 people and she hopes to go much bigger.

Credit: Submitted Photos

Credit: Submitted Photos

“I love this,” Atkins said. “I have met so many incredible people over the last couple of years — other small business owners and people that I’ve connected with in ways that I never even thought that I would.”

With the new space, the “sky is the limit,” Atkins said. She plans to have a weekly grab-and-go section and wants to use part of her space for events.

“Bellbrook has already been so welcoming,” Atkins said. “I feel like our ability to grow is so much better now.”

More details

Seasoned With Love plans to open in the new space by June 1. For more information, visit its Facebook or Instagram pages (@seasonedwithlove6) or call 937-430-0677.

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