Local certified hair loss expert releases line of ‘Dayton’ products

Credit: Photo by Amelia Robinson

Credit: Photo by Amelia Robinson

After decades in the industry, Dayton’s hair loss expert has put all her expertise into a complete line of hair loss of products.

Born and raised Daytonian and graduate of the Patterson Co-Op High School, Shawon Brown-Gullette, is the owner of Dayton Trichology Hair Loss Control Center at 5250 Far Hills Ave. #218 in Kettering and Infinitee Salon at 3594 Salem Ave. in Dayton. After years of hands-on research, Brown-Gullette has released the “Dayton Trichology Hair Loss Control Products” line.

For 31 years, Brown-Gullette has worked as a cosmetologist and for the past 15 years, her mission has been helping people struggling with any degree of hair loss. Before becoming a certified trichologist — a licensed specialist who focuses on the study of diseases or problems related to the hair and scalp — Brown-Gullette worked as a stylist in Dayton.

Brown-Gullette noticed a lot of her clients, especially women, were experiencing hair loss, but as a stylist, Brown-Gullette said she didn’t have the expertise to diagnose and help her clients.



“What really triggered it, was that when I was actually a hairstylist, I had a nine year old girl come into the salon,” Brown-Gullette said. “Her mom brought her in and her hair was coming out in clumps, like literal clumps. And I felt so bad I started crying. So I told the lady, I’m sorry, I don’t know why this is happening. And that’s what really triggered me.”

With determination to become educated on the subject and help her clients, Brown-Gullette enrolled and studied for four years, online at the International Association of Trichologists, completed her clinicals in Dallas, Texas and in 2011, became a certified trichologist.

Brown-Gullette said she sees patients that travel from states away to get to the bottom of their hair loss issues. After owning and running her own clinic for 10 years, Brown-Gullette said she knew it was time to formulate her own products.

All products in the eight-product line are sulfate and paraben free and are designed for men, women and children at various stages of their hair loss recovery and prevention journey.

It wasn’t until the COVID pandemic, when the clinic was temporarily shut down, that Brown-Gullette had time to dedicate herself to the research and development of the line.

“I’ve always kind of pieced together products from different companies … Now, you know, I have a complete line based off of things that I’ve learned.”

The line includes the following products: Ultra Scalp Prep ($42), Ultra Stem Shampoo ($29), Vitamin Enriched Conditioner ($26.99), Fiberstrand Hair Strengthener ($25), Intense Nutra Boost ($112), 90 day Ultimate DHT Inhibitor ($141) and “total nutrient supplements.”

Brown-Gullette said the line is for people actively experiencing hair loss, for people with a history of hair loss in their family and also, for the everyday person who wants to take care of their hair.

The products are available in Brown-Gullette’s clinic and salon. Starting Jan. 5, the products will be available online at daytontrichology.com.



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