VIDEO: See what new EA Sports college football game will look like this summer

College football fans won’t have to wait until the end of August to experience their sport again.

EA Sports announced Friday it will release College Football 25 on July 19 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

All 134 teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision will be part of the game, which was last released in 2013 as NCAA College Football 14.

Here is the new game’s official trailer:

Centerville High School grad and former Ohio State quarterback Kirk Herbstreit will be part of the broadcast team on the game, which is also set to include real names and likenesses of thousands of current players who opted in and are being compensated for their participation.

The previous iteration of the game did not include players officially, but each year it came out with editable rosters of players who often resembled current players who had been assigned random names.

That led to a lawsuit that essentially was the first step toward today when current athletes are allowed to profit off their names, image and likeness in myriad ways.

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