Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer: Owners, players ‘driving the bus straight off a cliff’

Reds starter saying everyone doing damage to the game

Tucker Barnhart had a one-sentence response to the news of Major League Baseball voting to proceed with the 2020 season, which now hinges on the players agreeing to report to spring training by July 1 and agreeing to health-and-safety protocols.

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“Let’s win the whole (bleeping) thing,” the Cincinnati Reds catcher wrote Monday night on Twitter.

Reds starter Trevor Bauer, who has never been shy with his opinions and has expressed them often throughout the dispute between owners and players this month and all spring, had a longer reaction.

Here’s what he wrote on Twitter:

Bauer: "Not saying one side is right or wrong here or voicing my opinion. Simply explaining what happened. When players said 'when and where' it was in reference to proposals (Major League Baseball) had made that were deemed to be dead on arrival. By saying when and where, players asked Rob Manfred to implement a season due to the (belief) that any further proposals would simply be wasting time. Instead of implementing a season, MLB made another proposal. So, neither side is really right or wrong here. This is just a separate conversation. Hope that clears some things up!

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“Now, to voice my personal opinion, and in no way am I speaking on behalf of any other players or the union as a whole, I believe there is a deal to be had here that is beneficial for everyone involved and I’m honestly not sure what the hold up is. What’s the exasperated emoji??

“Fans want baseball. The vast majority of players want baseball. Most owners want baseball. Seems like everyone is in agreement yet we have no agreement and no baseball. How?!

“It’s absolute death for this industry to keep acting as it has been. Both sides. We’re driving the bus straight off a cliff. How is this good for anyone involved? COVID-19 already presented a lose lose lose situation and we’ve somehow found a way to make it worse. Incredible.

“If there’s going to be a fight the time for that fight is after the ‘21 season when a new CBA is negotiated. 5 years of potential change. We’re doing irreparable damage to our industry right now over rules that last AT MOST 16 months. WTF kind of sense does that make?

“I have so much more I want to say about this whole thing but out of respect to my fellow players I’m going to continue holding my tongue. If any of you would like to talk about it please hit me up privately.”

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