Steelers quarterback likes what he sees from Carson Wentz so far

Carson Wentz has people around the NFL talking after lighting up two teams that might be the worst in the NFL to start his pro career.

That now includes Ben Roethlisberger, who told reporters in Pittsburgh he thought the Browns would pick Carson Wentz, the former North Dakota State star who shares an agent with him, in the draft last spring.

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Instead, talent-starved Cleveland accepted a package of draft picks from the Eagles and decided to wait at least a year to draft a franchise quarterback.

The Browns also took a flyer on former star Robert Griffin III and drafted USC’s Cody Kessler for this presumed-lost-before-it-started season, and if either of them pan out that would have to be considered a major bonus. (Griffin’s injury muddles his chance, of course, but that’s hindsight.)

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Meanwhile, next year could see potential stars such as DeShaun Watson of Clemson and DeShone Kizer of Notre Dame on the board.

Given the state of the roster, acquiring picks instead of drafting a relatively unknown FCS quarterback was probably the smart long-term play, but only time will tell.

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