Sports Today: 6 takeaways from Warriors dominating Cavs in Game 2 of NBA Finals

Two games into the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors are making those guys in Vegas who installed them as huge favorites look pretty smart. 

Takeaways from Sunday night's 132-113 Warriors win over the Cleveland Cavaliers:

1. I also wrote this after Game 1, but Golden State really passes the look test. 

Beating them will be a real feat. They are so long and athletic it's crazy. When they're hitting shots, forget it. Especially if Klay Thompson, who kind of skated on how bad he was late in last year’s Finals, is hot.

2. The first half kinda felt like a Rocky movie where all they do is wail on each other nonstop. 

Cleveland took some big blows in the first 18 minutes but stayed in the game. The Warriors didn't help themselves with turnovers, although the Cavs had a lot to do with forcing miscues by getting into passing lanes.

3. I’m still wondering what Cleveland will get from its bench as a whole — and if that will be better than what Golden State gets. 

As good as the Cavs are, the Warriors definitely have better starting five in Zaza and the All-Stars.

4. I’m not sure the Cavs have another gear, but they’re going to have to find one to come back. 

For a while it seemed like both teams were playing well but GS maintained a double-digit lead.

Cleveland got to within three but couldn’t get over that hump.

The Cavs could defend better, but then again those 132 points might be more how good the Warriors are than anything else.

Seemed like in Game 1 neither team played great. Both were a lot closer to their best last night, and the Warriors won going away.

5. If last year hadn't happened, I would say this series is over.

Several things came together for Cleveland to come back from down 3-1 last year, and Golden State is better this year.

Does last year have any actual bearing on this one? Usually the answer to that would be no, but in this case it probably means something to the Cavs as far as being able to believe in their ability to come back.

Of course, the Warriors are aware of that, too -- and now they have Kevin Durant.

6. I didn't get on Twitter until the game was over, and it was really delightful. 

I highly recommend it.

The Reds had not just a weekend but a full week to forget. 

While the offense keeps churning, the starting rotation still might sink this team before the All-Star break.

Devin Mesoraco's extra-inning walk-off home run Friday night is the only thing standing between Cincinnati and a six-game losing streak as the Cardinals come to town tonight.

Amir Garrett was pounded yesterday, giving up nine runs (eight earned) in 2 2/3 innings. The rookie looked every bit as bad as his line, unable to hit his spots or find the strike zone most of the afternoon.

The Reds enter this week in last place, but they are still only four games back.

Help is inching closer as Homer Bailey, Brandon Finnegan and Anthony DeSclafani continue to rehab.

Will it be too late?

The weekend was also the homecoming for Brandon Phillips, who said he was offended the team already gave his jersey number to another player (Scooter Gennett).

Is that a big deal?

Phillips was a fixture for the organization — an all-time great who will be in the team’s hall of fame some day.

Should his number be retired? Should it at least have gotten a rest?

Given all the things Phillips said about loyalty to the organization early in his career (wanting to be the next Barry Larkin), his jersey was a very buyable one in a day and age when you never know if those are worth an investment anymore.

I don’t blame him for feeling that way…

The six-month graduate transfer process is over for Malik Zaire. 

The former Alter standout will continue his college career at Florida after graduating from Notre Dame.

Will this make the SEC East worth following for the first time in a while? One can only hope.

In all seriousness, good luck to Zaire.

Anybody know the last area quarterback to start in the SEC?

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