Sports Today: To live tweet or not to live tweet? That is the question

Should we put the Twitter machine to bed when we’re in the middle of an interview?

Yeah, probably. Not that we will. Or can?

These are thoughts I had when I saw Texas coach Tom Herman (a Cincinnati-born former Ohio State assistant) is banning social media posts from reporters while they talk to his guys.

🙄— Anwar Richardson (@AnwarRichardson) August 2, 2017

I may be in the minority, but I don't hate this at all.

I wasn't among the outraged when Ohio State did something similar briefly a few years ago, although that pushback ended the practice pretty quickly (thanks in no small part to people who weren’t there complaining about it).

If this were enforceable, I would probably love it.

All the points made in the announcement are accurate.

People screw things up all the time as we try to share stuff as it happens. We do this because we want to be first but also because people want the info.

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Context does matter. Being able to sit there and listen and think about what's being said shouldn't be a luxury, but it kind of is these days.

The rush to put out info ASAP and then put it together later is sort of a disaster, and not just in sports. I'm part of the problem for sure, but there’s also the fact that sometimes the people we’re relying on for information say or post things that turn out to be false.

This is problematic for at least two reasons: (three if you count the obvious fact publishing things that are not true is bad) Nowadays many people can’t wait for the full story before posting their reactions, and not everyone is able to hang around long enough to see the corrections.

I'm not sure if the toothpaste is ever going back in the bottle, but it's probably good to at least be honest here and admit we have a big problem.

And yet…. Like I said, people want the info ASAP. Plus there’s a rush from sharing it and seeing it take off.

But enforcing this is not really realistic. You can't save people from themselves as much as some (including Tom Herman or his SID, apparently) would like to pretend otherwise…

The Legend of Jesse Winker continued growing last night as the Cincinnati Reds rookie outfielder slammed another home run and made a spectacular diving catch in a 5-2 win in Pittsburgh.


🎥— Cincinnati Reds (@Reds) August 2, 2017 💪💪— Cincinnati Reds (@Reds) August 3, 2017

Those plays backed up Robert Stephenson, who gave up only one run i 5 2/3 innings.

HIs line would have looked better if Michael Lorenzen had not allowed an inherited running to score in the sixth, but Stephenson still pushed his ERA below 7.00, so it’s hard to complain.

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Raisel Iglesias picked up Stephenson with a two-inning, 42-pitch save in which he walked two and allowed a hit but no runs.

That is three wins in a row for the Reds after they lost six in a row.

Tonight Sal Romano gets a chance to help the Reds complete a sweep of the Pirates.

He's among the Reds with the most to prove the rest of this season

The Bengals did not practice or therefore have any fights yesterday, but we do have an important story to consider from the beat.

Jay Morrison: They can dance if they want to, and some Bengals plan to

Reading which players are looking forward to breaking out, which ones will not and which will at least tolerate teammates making them join in was pretty amusing.

I guess that was the point of loosening the rules...

Lastly, we have the curious case of Blue Smith.

The Wayne four-star wide receiver, whose Tweet created some confusion when he tweeted that his decision date was going to change.

His father told Land of 10  that won't be happening, though.

"We are keeping our original date," Lorenzo shared with Land of 10. "Aug. 27. His coach wanted him to make an announcement at the school on Aug. 25."

Looks like Ohio State and Kentucky fans will both be sweating it out until that day.

If Smith chooses the Buckeyes, the Warriors' streak of seasons with at least one player on the Ohio State roster could extend to as many as 23.

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