HS Roundup 8/28: Ben Logan boys golf scoring low

Ethan Ricketts tallied a 38 to lead Ben Logan’s boys golf team to a win on Tueday against Northwestern, 168-181.

Garrett Allen shot a 39 for the team followed by Bryce Loomis with a 45.

Alter 2, Roger Bacon 1: Roger Bacon’s goal was made by Kingsley Fomba. The goals made for Alter were by Jake Haines and Dominic Ruffolo.

Lima Central Catholic 4, New Knoxville 3: New Knoxville’s Jose Maria Rabadan had 1 goal and 1 assist and another goal was made Chris Covert.

Oakwood 6, Brookville 0: Ryan Mueller had two goals for Oakwood and other goals were made by Will Midtbo, Billy Boucuvalus, Delos Renas-Johnson and Michael O’Hara.

Temple 13, Fairlawn 0: Sam Sharik led for Temple with 3 goals and 3 assists. Teammates Joshua Engle and Brody Bowman both had 2 goals and 1 assist.

Anna 7, Newton 1: Taylor Noll scored 3 goals for Anna and Taylor Kauffmann recorded 2 goals and 1 assist. Sarah Ham had 2 goals for Anna and keeper Savana Hostetler tallied 5 saves.

Coldwater 8, Delphos St. John’s 0: Ava Giere scored 3 goals for Coldwater and other scores were by Macy Skeffer, Haley Schneider, Erin Schritz, Carlee Goodwin and Megan Sigler.

Milton-Union 8, Carlisle 1: Leading for Milton-Union, Kristen Dickison scored 2 goals and 2 assists while the goal for Carlisle was made by Kayla Shacklford. Two goals were made by Morgan Grudich for Milton-Union and 2 assists by Aulbrey Hergenrather.

Botkins 180, Russia 221: Nick Fischio earned medalist honors with a score of 42 for Botkins followed by teammate Alex Bajwa with a 44. Leading for Russia was Drew Sherman with a 51.

Brookville 161, Milton-Union 178: With a low of 38, Kyle Neff of Brookville earned first overall followed by teammate Parker Holt with a 39. Leading for Milton-Union was Max Grafflin with a 40.

Cedarville 186, Mechanicsburg 199: Adam Wood led Cedarville with a score of 40 followed by Caleb Smith and Mitch Rogers shooting a 48. Medalist from Mechanicsburg, Jack Shoemaker, shot a 39.

Middletown Christian 181, Twin Valley South 201, Dixie 209: Josh Swartz tallied a 42 for Middletown Christian and first overall.

National Trail 215, Mississinawa Valley 245: Austin Knapp and Tyler Porter led National Trail with a 52. Sam Roberts scored a 55 and Jesse Norton recorded a 56.

Tecumseh 181, London 205: Leading for Tecumseh Aaron Shaner tallied a 43 followed by Drew Sarihan and Logan Back scoring a 45.

West Liberty-Salem 206, Southeastern 237: Patrick Harr led for WLS and earned medalist honors with a 44 followed by teammate Garret Payer with a 54. Leading for Southeastern was Ethan Spracklen and Matthew Bobst with a 55.

Fairbanks 219, Greenon 226: Ali Rairdon of Greenon earned medalist honors with a 46 followed by Allison Kise with a 50 for Fairbanks. Veronique Grand of Fairbanks and Autumn Ferguson of Greenon both scored a 55.

Northeastern 234, Greeneview 237: Paden Birlmele was medalist for Northeastern with a 52 and Kalyn Biggs shot a 53 for Greeneview.

Oakwood 191, Northmont 213: Lauren Hapgood of Oakwood was medalist with a 42.

Fairfield 4, Middletown 1: Leading for Middletown was Hanna Wilson who won her match 3-6, 6-1, 1-0 (12-10). In doubles Hocter and Lane of Fairfield beat Middletown 6-3, 6-4.

Northridge 3, Waynesville 2: Marie Smith Fifine Marshall both won their singles matches for Northridge. In double Breanna Adkins and Charlie Fuduloff won.

Preble Shawnee 5, Dixie 0: Allison Zornes, Alivia Reed and Michelle Bulach all won their singles match for Preble Shawnee. In doubles, Zoey Collins and Destiney Quillen defeated Allie Allen and Hope Gebhart 6-4, 6-1.

Tecumseh 5, London 0: Emilee Morris of Tecumseh won against Hannah Jones 7-5, 6-7, (2-7) 10-8.

Tippecanoe 5, Stebbins 0: Amelia Zwierig, Dokota Schroeder and Mia Patel all won their singles match 6-0, 6-0. In doubles Camillah Jones and Rainey Messinger defeated Stebbins 6-1, 6-0.

Ansonia 3, National Trail 1: Tristan Bowers tallied 9 kills, 4 assists and 3 aces while Jaidyn Tout and Lexi Stiner both had 3 kills and one ace for National Trial.

Bellbrook 3, Valley View 0: Mara Neal racked up 11 kills and 16 digs for Bellbrook. Teammates Kira Merkle had 8 kills and 7 aces while Sara Rogers recorded 16 assists and 10 digs.

Coldwater 3, Crestview 0: Annalise Harlament led for Coldwater with 31 assists and 2 blocks. Teammate Taylor Siefring totaled 9 kills, 10 digs and 2 aces.

Fairbanks 3, Mechanicsburg 0: Emma Dunham of Mechanicsburg had 12 kills and 5 blocks while Audrey Ayars had 18 assists.

Kenton Ridge 3, Northwestern 0: Leading for Kenton Ridge was Lexee Trainer with 34 assists, 17 digs and 1 ace. Teammate Mikala Morris tallied 17 kills and 3 digs.

Oakwood 4, Chaminade Julienne 1: Lily McClosky and Sarah Hall both won their singles match for Oakwood 6-0, 6-0. In doubles Natalie Connelly and Sophie Russell won against CJ 6-0, 6-1.

Russia 3, Fort Loramie 2: Marissa Meiring led for Ft. Loramie with 10 kills and 20 digs followed by Aleah Frilling with 21 assists.

Springboro 3, Northmont 0: Erin Mescher of Springboro tallied 14 assists and 3 aces while Rachel Gillum added 9 kills.

Tecumseh 3, Graham 0: Ava Ehlinger of Tecumseh recorded 22 kills and 4 aces and teammate Mac Drews finished with 35 assists.