Regarding the ‘Urban Meyer is overrated/underrated’ at Ohio State thing

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Who is Urban Meyer? 10 facts about Ohio State's coach

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

This “Urban Meyer has underachieved at Ohio State thing” is a stupid, made-up story, but people love to click those so it's probably worth a few minutes.

I would say he's overachieved twice, underachieved twice and hit expectations pretty much on the head once in five seasons in which he is 61-6 with one national championship, one Big Ten championship and five conference division titles.

The Buckeyes should not have gone undefeated in 2012 given the turmoil of the previous year and chaos that comes with coaching changes, but Meyer road Braxton Miller and an inspiring group of seniors to an historic if somewhat strange season.

They should have won the Big Ten in 2013 but played poorly in the Big Ten Championship Game and lost to Michigan State. Unqualified disappointment.

The 2014 team exceeded expectations from the beginning, middle and end of the season. That’s how you get not just a national championship but a year for the ages.

In 2015, Meyer had  probably the most talented team in the country and didn't win anything of note, so that can’t be seen as anything but a disappointment.

Last year?

The ending was a buzzkill, but Meyer’s young Buckeyes were at least as good as they should have been considering graduation losses, strength of schedule, etc.

A rebuild of that magnitude isn’t easy even if Meyer made it look so.

Some might ding him for failing to win the Big Ten last season, but that was mostly a result of a fluky loss and the fickleness of divisional tiebreakers.

What about this season?

Meyer has the best team in the Big Ten again on paper.

Another playoff appearance could come, but let’s wait and see how everyone else looks, shall we?

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