3 reasons Cleveland Cavaliers should not be worried - yet

No sane Cleveland Cavaliers fan should be concerned about losing the Eastern Conference finals to the Boston Celtics, but here are three reasons to relax just in case prior to Game 4:

1. You still have LeBron James. 

The league's best player took heat for having a small presence in Boston's Game 3 win Sunday night, so you can bet he will come back with a vengeance tonight.

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2. The Celtics still don’t have Isaiah Thomas. 

Boston might have gotten the drop on Cleveland last time out because the Celtics had nothing to lose. They Cavs also didn’t know exactly how they would play without their star guard who is out for the playoffs with a hip injury, so time to refocus their defensive efforts should be beneficial.

3. Sweeps are hard. 

Just because the Cavaliers have made the East look even weaker than usual over the past couple of years doesn’t mean sweeps are easy to pull off.

The guys on the other team are getting paid, too.

With the Golden State Warriors having already finished off the Spurs, there’s always plenty to worry about in the next round, anyway.

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