Dayton basketball: Want to learn to shoot the way Flyers do? Here’s how

July 03, 2018

Dayton Flyers basketball coach Anthony Grant says the Steph Curry effect is real on young basketball players. 

The success of the Golden State Warriors guard, who perhaps comes closer than anyone since Pete Maravich to displaying “in-the-gym range,” has led to lots of copycats. 

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Rather than worrying about breaking ankles like Allen Iverson or ripping down the rim with a vicious dunk a la Shaquille O’Neal, many young players these days want to splash jumpers from all over the court. 

“The game used to start from the inside out,” said Grant, who suited up for the Flyers in the mid-1980s when Magic Johnson’s Lakers and Larry Bird’s Celtics were ruling the NBA. 

“Now you see every kid no matter how big or small wanting to go from the outside in, which is great because as a basketball player especially when you’re developing you have to learn the fundamentals of the game, whether it’s dribbling, passing or shooting. And you have to be versatile. We’re in a day and age where the more skill sets you have, the more valuable you are as a basketball player.” 

To get an idea of what Grant and his staff teach, I took in a recent shooting clinic on campus. 

You can get a look at how they do things in the attached video, but here are some of the main points of emphasis: 

Lastly, Grant stresses repetition and competition. 

The only way to get better is to practice, and a proven way to get players to practice more is to encourage them to set a personal goals to pursue every time they take the court. 

That can be as simple as trying to make more shots today than yesterday. 

We caught up with Dayton Flyers coach Anthony Grant to get his impression of his second UD team after a week of summer workouts.