Hue Jackson: We have to be perfect to win

Now 1-23 in his Browns tenure, coach Hue Jackson publicly admitted a not-so-surprising revelation: His team must be perfect to win.

Following Cleveland’s 33-16 loss to Minnesota on Sunday, Jackson said at this point, the only way his team avoids 0-16 is to play a perfect game.

"Everything has to be perfect. I think that's where we are," he said.

He continued.

"I think everything has got to be perfect for us to have a chance to win a football game. That's just where we are as a football team. We get it, and our coaching staff gets it, and our players get it, and we work that way. We try to do the best we can to get everything right, but we all know that's not how football is played.”

Losing takes its toll, though the rate Jackson is losing is near unprecedented. Recent reports indicate he won’t be fired, but baring a turnaround - or any reason for optimism - he could join the long line of coaches who couldn’t save the Browns.

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