20 best fan Instagrams from Ohio State’s win over Penn State

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Ohio State fans rush field after victory over Penn State

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Fans rushed the field after comeback victory at Ohio Stadium

Fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes rushed the field Saturday after a victory over a team not named Michigan. That says something about the magnitude of the 39-38 victory over No. 2 Penn State — and the improbability of the comeback from a 35-20 deficit in the fourth quarter.

There’s no doubt a few fans were walking to the parking lot or already on the highway home when J.T. Barrett threw the game-winning touchdown pass to Marcus Baugh in the final minutes.

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The scene on the field was unreal. Moving became a chore, especially for the players trying to make their way to the locker room. Linebacker Chris Worley and Brutus the Buckeye were among those who rode shoulders through the crowd.

Of course, everyone took photos, thousands of them. Here’s 20 of the best from Instagram:

Great win for the Buckeyes. Next stop, College Football Playoff.

A post shared by Jesse Sykes (@jessesykes1231) on

Sometimes being a Buckeye feels unreal

A post shared by Madison Campbell (@madison__casey) on

Thank you, come again.

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A post shared by Adam DelGarbino (@adamdelgarbino) on

What a time to be alive

A post shared by Rachel Novinc (@rachel_novinc) on

I'm now 0/3 on the rushing the field but last night was what being a Buckeye is all about. O-H

A post shared by Ian Rebenock (@irebenock) on

That comeback was fun #GoBucks

A post shared by Brett Space (@bspace2) on

🏈🌚 #GoBucks

A post shared by Nathaniel Knight, III (@the3rdknight) on

Waking up on Monday sucks but atleast you’re not a Penn State fan #GoBucks

A post shared by Barstool Ohio State (@barstoolohiostate) on

Still not over last night’s great game with our sistΔΖ #gobucks #osupha #deltazetaosu

A post shared by Delta Zeta OSU (@deltazetaosu) on

109,302 people. The most crazy and sick game we could’ve watched!! #theohiostate

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#buckswin #JP517 #50yardline

A post shared by Jeff Patrick (@jeff_patrick) on

Awesome game! #39to38 #gobucks

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🙌🏻🙅🏼 . . . Coach Coombs might be my favorite 👊🏻

A post shared by Marisa Contipelli (@marisarae19) on

🏈 🙌🏽#theohiostateuniversity #buckeyes #buckeyesfootball #gobuckeyes #victory #celebration #stormthefield #thehorseshoe #hangonsloopy #dotthei #football #collegefootball #ohiostatefootball

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Pandemonium in The Shoe #gobucks

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