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Area fishing report

C.J. Brown Reservoir: Anglers are trolling over the humps with crawler harnesses and Vib-Es to catch walleyes. Crappie fishing has been good around the marina, boat ramp and by the visitor center, but most are small. Catfish are hitting nightcrawlers, skipjack and minnows all over the lake. Some nice smallmouth bass have been caught by crappie fishermen on minnows.

Grand Lake St. Marys: Crappie fishing has been good off of the east bank with minnows under bobbers. A few have been caught from under docks and pontoons with minnows or jigs. Bluegills are hitting ice jigs tipped with waxworms around docks and rocks. There has been some good bass fishing in the channels around structure. Catfish are biting all over on cut shad and nightcrawlers.

Cowan Lake: Good crappie fishing has been reported around brush near the banks. Many are small, but there is no size limit on Cowan. Bluegills are hitting waxworms off of the rocks and any structure. Catfish have been biting best at night on nightcrawlers and chubs.

Rocky Fork Lake: Bass fishing continues to be good, especially off of points in 5-8 feet of water. Use shad-colored crankbaits or green/pumpkinseed worms and work the channel banks around any kind of structure. Crappies have been hitting in 5-14 feet of water on minnows or chartreuse tubes. Saugeye fishing has been good in front of the north and south beaches and around the island. Use a brightly-colored twister tipped with a piece of nightcrawler or troll with a Shad-Rap.

Paint Creek Lake: The best crappie fishing has been in the creek arms and Plum Run. Use minnows or a chartreuse jig and fish 4-6 feet deep around wood. Bass are 4-8 feet deep off of points and along channel banks, hitting 6-inch black/red glitter worms or crankbaits. Saugeyes are hitting minnows in the spillway.

Indian Lake: Saugeye fishing has dropped off a bit, but a few keepers have been caught by trollers along the south bank, Lakeview harbor and off of Pew Island. Vib-Es, twisters and nightcrawlers have been the best baits. Bass are around lily pads and moss, hitting frogs and worms. Crappies are in the brush and around docks, but most are small. Excellent bluegill fishing has been reported in shallow water around rocks and brush. Catfish are hitting minnows, nightcrawlers and chicken liver all over.

Lake Loramie: The best crappie fishing is from 8:30 p.m. until dark along the banks, in brush and several feet off shore. Use minnows or a chartreuse jig. Bass have been caught all over the west end of the lake on spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and crankbaits. Catfish are hitting nightcrawlers, chicken liver and cut shad.

Caesar Creek Lake: Saugeye fishing has been very good on the flats. Anglers are drifting with crawler harnesses and tightlining with a nightcrawler. Some are trolling crankbaits around the island. Crappies are 18-20 feet deep around structure. Use minnows and fish around the cove mouths. Bluegills are back in the brush, 4-8 feet deep. Bass are hitting crankbaits about 10 feet deep. For catfish, use nightcrawlers, softcraws or chubs.

Acton Lake: Bass fishing has been very good along the shoreline. Fish with pumpkinseed or purple worms, spinnerbaits or craw-like crankbaits. Most of the crappies being caught are small. They're hitting minnows and waxworms 8-10 feet deep. Saugeyes are hitting brightly-colored crankbaits or twisters. Catfish are hitting just about anything.

Lake Erie: Walleye fishing has been excellent at the gravel pit, northwest of West Sister Island, north of "A" and "B" cans of the Camp Perry firing range, around "E" and "F" cans, Northwest Reef and West Reef near North Bass Island, west of Rattlesnake Island, around Gull Island Shoal, and east of Kelleys Island.

Yellow perch fishing effort has been low with most good reports coming from between Green and Rattlesnake islands, east of Ballast Island, east of Starve Island, and west of Kelleys.