Wittenberg welcomes four new members to alumni board

Wittenberg University has welcomed four new members to its Alumni Association Board.

Those joining the board include Ron Baumanis, class of 1982; Justin Dilley, class of 2001; Kari Johnston, class of 2005; and Callan Swaim, class of 2016.

“We’re proud of the work we do to support our beloved Wittenberg and are eager to welcome this new slate of Alumni Association Board representatives,” said Alumni Association Board President Laurice Moore, class of 1995.

The board serves as a liaison for the university by engaging and connecting the alumni for the purpose of supporting its mission and values, and encourages alumni engagement in the life of the institution.

Baumanis, who served the board in the late 1980s and early 1990s, earned a Bachelor of Arts in psychology with a minor in speech theatre, his Ph.D. in counseling psychology, and a post-doctorate in neuropsychology from New York University. As owner of BrainTrainers brain injury rehabilitation clinic in Michigan, he specializes in holistic cognitive rehabilitation in group settings, runs the clinical program, serves as an expert witness, and has lectured nationwide about his program.

Dilley was a double major, earning a degree in theatre and an interdisciplinary degree in communication studies. He earned his Master of Arts in applied theatre at Emerson College, spent years creating and teaching performing arts programs in public and private schools, co-founded a performing arts company, and co-founded a niche advisory group for tech and real estate space.

Johnston earned her degree in sociology, spent 14 years in corporate America, opened Rose City Boutique & Counseling in 2020, and is a property manager for a local Airbnb.

Swaim, now in New York, works in leadership development at the travel tech company Expedia Group to build high-performing teams and high-impact executive leaders. She moved around the U.S. and traveled internationally with supply chain and account management roles, earned her master’s degree in management and leadership at Purdue University Global, and became a professionally certified coach and founder of her own leadership coaching company.

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