WATCH: Here’s the building where medical marijuana will be grown in Yellow Springs, and it is HUGE

Cresco Labs Ohio is in the final stages of construction of its facility in Yellow Springs where marijuana plants will be grown, harvested and processed into medicine. Cresco was the first marijuana processor in Ohio to break ground.

PHOTOS: Aerial view of new medical marijuana facility in Yellow Springs

The state is due to inspect the facility next month as part of Ohio's medical marijuana program, and Cresco still needs a permit to process the plants, according to CEO and Founder Charles Bachtell.

The facility sits next to Antioch University Midwest along East Dayton-Yellow Springs Road. It features a 23,294-square-foot, state-of-the-art steel greenhouse that is separate from the 26,445-square-foot area where the marijuana is processed. The plants will be grown in secure, climate-controlled environments using 85 percent renewable energy, according to Cresco.

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The plants will need about 90 days to grow before they can be harvested, Bachtell said. The greenhouse can be controlled to allow long hours of light or complete darkness.

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After the plants are grown and harvested, Cresco will process them into cannabis oil products. The various products that Cresco will make include pharmaceutical-grade oral sprays, sublingual digestible tablets and transdermal patches.

If Cresco passes inspection and is issued a processing license, the first plants ready for harvest will be in October, Bachtell said.

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