Sunny, cold today; Snow to start before dawn tomorrow

Today will be partly sunny and cold, with highs only reaching 35 degrees, according to the National Weather Service in Wilmington.

Clouds will build up throughout the day, and some light wind will push how cold it feels down into the 20s, the NWS said.

Overnight temperatures will fall to around 27 degrees. After midnight, though, we will start to see a chance of snow, which will become likely by just before dawn on Wednesday.

During the day on Wednesday, we will start out with snow, which will mix with rain around noon before switching to only a chance of rain through the afternoon.

After then sun goes down, though, the NWS predicted snow chances will mix back in. All precipitation chances will continue to fall overnight before fading away around midnight.

Temperatures Wednesday will rise to around 38 degrees during the day, then fall to around 29 degrees overnight.

For Thursday, weather will be cloudy and cold but dry, with highs near 37 degrees. Thursday night the NWS predicted that clouds will slowly decrease as temperatures fall to around 25 degrees.

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