Ohio lawmakers move to cut business regulations

Lawmakers moved Tuesday to give businesses relief from government regulations, endorsing a plan that could eliminate two rules for every new rule adopted in state government.

The basics of Senate Bill 1, a top priority for GOP senators, were incorporated into the state budget bill that is expected to get floor votes on Wednesday.

It aims to eliminate 30% of Ohio’s 247,000 rules and regulations in state administrative code over three years. If state agencies fail to meet this goal, they’d face a mandate that for each new regulation imposed, two rules would be eliminated.

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Advocates for the regulatory reform say it’ll eliminate unnecessary, burdensome rules that hamper businesses.

The NFIB Ohio and Ohio Chamber of Commerce support the move. But Policy Matters Ohio, a liberal think tank, called it impractical and unwarranted and the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel warned that it could reduce consumer protections.

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