Election 2018: Congressional redistricting plan makes May ballot

Updated Feb 21, 2018
  • By AP AP
U.S. Capitol

A proposal restructuring Ohio’s process for drawing its congressional maps is headed to May’s ballot.

The Ohio Ballot Board cleared the proposed constitutional amendment on redistricting Tuesday.

The proposal cleared the state Legislature with bipartisan support Feb. 6 after backers of competing proposals agreed to a compromise aimed at curbing gerrymandering.

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That process of manipulating district boundaries for partisan gain is seen as a cause of partisanship, gridlock and incivility in Washington.

The Ohio plan would limit how counties are split into multiple districts and require more support from the minority party to put a 10-year map in place.

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If lawmakers couldn’t reach such agreement, the map-making process would move to an existing bipartisan commission. If that failed, the majority party could make a shorter-term map under more restrictions.

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