Springfield Foundation helps area students through scholarship process

The Springfield Foundation hosted a series of presentations and workshops to help students with the process of submitting their scholarship application.

“The Springfield Foundation, dedicated to educational advancement within the community, has taken significant strides to support local students in their pursuit of higher education,” said Sarah McPherson, director of Marketing and Development.

Raphael Allen and Teresa Brumfield, staff members of the Foundation, visited several schools including Clark State College, Cliff Park High School, Greenon High School, Shawnee High School and Springfield High School.

Through the workshops, the two shared insights into crafting compelling essays, securing financial information and navigating the application process, and students could ask questions and seek personalized guidance to their own circumstances.

“Their expertise and encouragement fostered an environment where students felt empowered to showcase their talents and achievements confidently,” McPherson said.

These workshops also “instilled a sense of confidence and determination in students, reaffirming their belief in their own potential.”

“By demystifying the scholarship application process and equipping students with the necessary tools and knowledge, Teresa and Raphael empowered them to seize opportunities for academic advancement,” McPherson said. “Furthermore, the workshops served as a testament to the Springfield Foundation’s dedication to fostering educational excellence within the community.”

The two helped students apply for foundation scholarships, for which they received 515 scholarship applications.

The foundation will host more presentations and workshops again next year when the scholarship applications open. For more information, visit www.springfieldfoundation.org or contact McPherson at 937-324-8773 or sarah@springfieldfoundation.org.

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