Springfield commissioners approve next phase of 231 home development

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

Springfield City Commissioners approved an ordinance this week that will start the third phase of a housing development that aims to build 231 homes.

The ordinance will allow the Springfield city manager to enter into a plat agreement regarding the Bridgewater development, which is building homes on 53 acres of property located near the Tuttle Road Walmart.

The plat agreement allows for the building of infrastructure needed to add more homes in the development as part of the third phase. The developer for the project is DDC Management; Ryan Homes is in charge of the construction.

Construction for the development started early last year and its latest phase will add 59 plots to Bridgewater allowing for new single-family homes to be built.

The development’s first two phases have already been completed and plots for 139 homes have been created. As of March, 81 homes have been sold in the development.

The bulk of the homes in the development will be located just south of the Tuttle Road Walmart along with an additional 15-acre tract to the east of the Walmart.

Homes are built in the development after they are sold and Springfield City Manager Bryan Heck said that sales are exceeding expectations. He said that the development is split in four phases, with each one expected to take a year.

Heck said that so far, the project is ahead of schedule as the third phase of the project is expected to start soon. The average sales price for homes in the development is $240,000.

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