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Bravo to U.S. soccer team

So, the thing that happens every four years happened again — a lot of Americans who normally don’t care became huge soccer fans for several weeks for the World Cup.

But this time, they got to enjoy the good feelings for a while longer, as they watched the U.S. team advance past the first round of competition — until, of course, Tuesday’s heartbreaking loss to Belgium.

Belgium! Sheesh.

But the World Cup reminds us of a few things in its quadrennial turnabout. One, that there’s really nothing wrong with a big country like ours being humbled by a much tinier nation’s team. In fact, it’s probably good for us.

And it’s fun to see folks get so excited about a game they don’t know that well — it reminds us of our innate capacity for learning new things, keeping fresh perspectives, being open to different ideas and cultures and styles. All good things.

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