Northeastern to continue in-person learning 4 days a week through winter break

Northeastern Local Schools will continue in-person learning four days a week for some students, according to the district superintendent.

“Students will continue attending four days a week through winter break,” said Superintendent John Kronour.

The district transitioned from hybrid learning to in-person learning with students attending school four days a week on Sept. 21 for three weeks through Oct. 9.

All in-person learning students will now continue to attend school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday through winter break, which begins on Dec. 21, and Wednesdays will continue to be virtual learning days used for deep cleaning the schools, Kronour said.

Kronour said families should understand that changes to the attendance schedule may be based on local health circumstances or the Ohio Public Health Advisory System.

Students utilizing virtual learning will remain on the same schedule of Monday through Friday.

Kronour said the decision on how to proceed was made on Oct. 3 by the school board.

The board initially recommended to Kronour that the district change the current school plan - in-person learning four days a week for some students - back to the hybrid plan for the elementary and middle schools after consulting with building administration and staff, but stated they failed to involve parent feedback.

“With the responses that we have received from parents, it has become obvious that the board miscalculated its recommendation to the superintendent. While the board strongly and eagerly desires that the environment of learning and teaching be safe, open and a positive experience for all of those involved, we also want to ensure that parents are satisfied with the services that are provided with their tax dollars,” the board stated in a release.

The board stated they “erred” on the side of caution and “did not place enough regard on the parents' wishes” for children to be back in the buildings.

Therefore, the board changed their recommendation for the district to remain on the four day in-person learning schedule with one day of virtual/cleaning.

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