New Springfield retail store to hold soft opening tonight

A new retail store with “trendy” shirts will hold a soft opening during First Friday tonight in downtown Springfield.

“It’s another little piece to add to our downtown to start filling it up,” Tracey Tackett, owner of Sip & Dipitees said.

Tackett, who is also the owner of Sip & Dipity Paint Bar and the Painted Petals Flower Cart, said that as the pandemic continues, not a lot of people are coming to the paint bar to paint. With this extra time, she has found new ways to generate business.

Sip & Dipitees, a “trendy” shirt making shop with a “boutique style vibe,” is located on South Fountain Avenue inside the Clark County Heritage Center building - where Snow Cove was previously located.

“When the space opened up at the Heritage Center. It was the perfect opportunity,” Tackett said.

The shirt making business is not new to Tackett. In 2015, she designed and printed shirts, but stopped when business at the paint bar grew.

Tackett said downtown Springfield has “the food thing figured out,” but “we need to start buttoning it up with retail and entertainment.”

Sip & Dipitees will allow customers to design their own full-color printed, heat transfer shirts. Customers can also choose from designs previously created.

“I want it to be your new favorite T-shirt,” Tackett said.

She explained that she plans to add additional boutique-style retail to Sip & Dipitees’ online store and to hold shirt parties where groups can come in and designs shirts together.

When the pandemic slows down and business at the paint bar picks up again, Tackett said “a passionate team” will help support her businesses.

“(I have) people that are passionate about what we’re doing and being a part of something good in the community,” Tackett said. “At the same time, it’s a young group. They’re wanting to learn and they have the energy to learn.”

Her new business venture is giving youth something to do in the community by introducing them to entrepreneurship, she said. They are learning things, making money and connecting with their community, she added.

Sip & Dipitees is “another space filled up, so we don’t look like a ghost town,” Tackett said. “It’s encouraging for the next entrepreneurs.”

For more information or to inquire about ordering shirts, search for Sip & Dipitees on Facebook or email

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