Nearly 30 Clark County roads resurfaced this spring following pandemic delay

Ohio Public Works Commission awarded $1.3 million to road project.

A resurfacing project that impacted nearly 30 roads in Clark County, half of which was funded through an Ohio Public Works Commission grant, is in its end stages following a pandemic-induced delay.

The Clark County Board of Commissioners approved Wednesday the final change order for the project, which totaled nearly $2.2 million.

Jurisdictions included in the resurfacing project were Clark County and several townships: Bethel, Mad River, Springfield, German and Moorefield.

Clark County, as its own jurisdiction, received $439,778.09 in grant funding through the Ohio Public Works Commission.

Bethel Township received $122,953.07 in grant funding, while German Township received $151,378.15; Mad River, $179,416.37; Moorefield, $121,742.27; Springfield, $131,287.67.

Half the funding for the resurfacing projects came from Ohio Public Works Commission grant money, with the multi-jurisdiction resurfacing project totaling $2.6 million. The jurisdictions included this year in the resurfacing matched the grant funding they received for the project, as a 50% match was required for the competitive grant.

“When you can spend one dollar and have a grant dollar match it, it’s a good thing,” said Clark County Engineer’s Office Deputy Dean Fenton. “We’ve been very fortunate.”

Here are the roads paved through the project, organized by jurisdiction:

Clark County

Moorefield Road, beginning at Urbana Road and ending at Mahar Road

Bethel Township

Bischoff Road, from Tillie Lane to Milton-Carlisle Road

Dille Road, from the bottom of the hill to the bridge

Schiller Avenue, from Lake Road to South Medway-New Carlisle Road

Tulip Road, from Dille Road to Lake Road

West Union Road, from South Medway-New Carlisle Road to the bend

Union Road, from Spangler Road to the nearby bridge

Whaley Road, from West Union Road to U.S. Route 40

German Township

Covina Drive, from Delrey Road to Hanson Road

Anita Drive, from Delrey Road to its end

Walnut Grove Lane, from Hanson Road to its end

Deer Run Road, from Stoney Creek Street to its end

Maple Grove Road, in its entirety

Stoney Creek Street, from Maple Grove Road to its end

Autumn Creek Drive, from Saint Paris Park to its end

Stone Bridge Drive, from Autumn Creek Drive to its end

Moss Point Lane, from Stone Bridge Road to its end

Sarah-Leigh Avenue, from Penny Park to Joshane Street

Joshane Street, in its entirety

Zachary Avenue, from Joshane Street to its end

Kelley Avenue, from Joshane Street to its end

Moorefield Township

Anoka Street, from Montego Avenue to Imperial Drive

Biscayne Drive, from Ridgewood Road to Middle Urbana Road

Imperial Drive, from Willowbrook Drive to Montego Drive

Mumper Road, from Morris Road to Prairie Road

Mad River Township

Fowler Road, from North Enon Road to Broadway Road

Springfield Township

Laybourne Road, from South Bird Road to North Fork Ditch

Ra-Mar Drive, from Marbella to State Route 72

The grant agreement for the repaving project was approved in March, with the engineer’s office submitting a proposal a year prior. Most state funding through grant agreements is available to awardees on July 1 every year, Fenton said, but last year amid pandemic-induced funding freezes, the money needed for the project wasn’t handed over to Clark County until late fall, delaying repaving to April 2021.

Fenton noted that given the agreeable weather this spring, paving crews of A&B Asphalt Corporation completed the project by the end of May.

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