Attorney General Jeff Sessions during a news conference at the Justice Department on Oct. 26, 2018. Erin Schaff/The New York Times

Will Sessions firing impact Mueller probe?

Sens. Brown and Portman in Ohio say investigation won’t be impacted.

Brown, D-Ohio, who opposed Sessions’ confirmation, said “our justice system is bigger than any one political party,” adding the “FBI, Justice Department and special counsel must be allowed to do their jobs without political interference.”

Portman spokeswoman Emily Benavides said “Rob has said consistently he supports the Mueller investigation and hopes we will see the results soon.”

Portman, R-Ohio, who voted to confirm Jeff Sessions as attorney general last year, called him “a friend, a former colleague, and an honorable public servant. He is a man of deep conviction and principle who has always stood up for the rule of law.”

“As a senator and as attorney general, Jeff has always had the best interests of our country at heart,” Portman said. “While I’m disappointed he will no longer serve in this role, I want to thank him for his faithful service to our country.”