U.S. Senate (Rep)

U.S. Senate (Rep)

All candidates were asked to answer these questions:

Question 1: How will you deal with the continuing costs of military actions and the costs of domestic needs?

Question 2: What are the most important issues in this race?

David W. Dodt

Website: www.dodt4ohio.com

Bio: I'm a husband, father, grand father, Navy Veteran, Christian, Conservative, GM/UAW Journeyman, Tea Party member, Republican and over 40 year resident of OHIO. I have four years of college, The American Academy of Art, the Chicago Academy of Art and the University of Toledo, with an Associates Degree in Marketing. At GM they sent me to several high tech computer school classes (I've learned 4 computer languages.) and CAD training school.

Answer 1: The quisling Democrats will be more than happy to dismantle our military in favor of vote buying social programs. But every time something like cutting national defense happens someone in uniform, standing post, dies. We cut back on our stealth fighter program. But China has that and is building two Stealth Bomber programs, the H-8 and H-9. They are using the money we give them when we buy cheap Chinese products. Let's not forget the new Aircraft Carrier and the super silent KILO Subs they are buying with our American dollars.

Answer 2: The issues are the same as those that were voiced in 1860, Freedom or Slavery. This time the Party of Slavery, instead of iron shackles, is using economic threats to control a wide portion of this nations less fortunate. You vote a straight ticket of Democratic Parties candidates or your quality of life will be adversely affected by Republicans. That is why Obama isn't afraid of the 8% nation wide unemployment rate. FDR was re-elected when the unemployment rate was over 30%. The Democrats win and your grand children pay the price for your mistake.

Donna K. Glisman

Website: www.VoteGlisman.com

Bio: Retired from Chrysler, Former Business Owner, Sales Manager, & Realtor. I was previously elected to the Board of Public Affairs and as statewide Republican Delegate in Michigan. Graduated Detroit Pershing High School, attended Oakland University. Three children, five Grandkids, two Greats.

Answer 1: I feel we can achieve satisfaction in both areas, all while cutting our debt. We are a government of waste, our system of government has allowed for us to get little value for the massive amounts of cash we spend. This can & must be changed! We must enact legislation with checks and balances on spending, to ensure that every contract we enter, every tax dollar spent is needed, wanted, spent wisely, and that we get real value for our money. As of now this is not happening, and even with our volume purchases, our government pays more for everything than market rate.

Answer 2: The economy & jobs, everything else ties directly into this issue, and therefore must be first and foremost. Once we can reestablish a thriving economy and restore fruitful careers to the people then many of the other issues will be resolved or on their way. I believe the key to this issue is through restoring our manufacturing base, we must cut through the red tape that stifles business in our country, and secondly find balance in our trade with other nation, it is their cheap labor that allows them to uncut and undermine our factories, this can be balanced through tariffs.

Eric LaMont Gregory

Website: Gregory2012.com

Bio: Master’s Degree, MSc Oxon, Faculty Board of Clinical Medicine, Green College, Oxford University, Oxford, England

Answer 1: We are the most innovative nation on earth. Jobs in this country are linked to our trade balance. For every billion dollars we import more than we export we lose 13,000 jobs. Our trade deficit is more than 700 billion and we have lost more than nine million jobs as a consequence. We must therefore manufacture the goods that we invent to create work for all Americans. Our tax system is needs to be restructured. A system that is fair and straightforward will guide us into a better system of taxation; the flat-tax and the fair-tax both present workable alternatives.

Answer 2: It is our responsibility, and our opportunity, to conquer the blights on the human condition; ignorance, hunger and disease. We must, and will, structure our educational system to prepare all our citizens for the jobs of the future. Our cities, those great centers of leaning, culture and industry must again provide the nucleus for the rebirth of the American experience. We will strengthen the opportunity for families both urban and rural to flourish and reawaken the values of hard work, creativity and cooperation which has served this state and nation so well from its very beginning. May providence guide us.

Josh Mandel

Website: www.joshmandel.com

Bio: Josh Mandel currently serves as the State Treasurer of Ohio where he has worked diligently to save taxpayer dollars and run his office more efficiently. Josh is a Marine Corps veteran who served two tours in Iraq and also served as a State Representative from the 17th Ohio House District.

Answer 1: During these challenging economic times, it is important that Congress not lose focus on what America's priorities should be. As a Marine Corps veteran who served two tours in Iraq, I strongly believe that national security is one such priority. Ohio's economy benefits from a close relationship with our national defense industry, as is illustrated by the thousands of jobs supported by the Wright-Patterson AFB community. Besides employing Ohioans directly, a healthy defense industry positively impacts local businesses and is often responsible for America being the world's leader in innovative technology.

Answer 2: Creating a business-friendly, pro-growth environment to foster job creation in Ohio and America is the highest priority of our campaign. I strongly believe that common sense tax reforms, the repeal of government-run healthcare and the elimination of over burdensome agency regulations on small businesses are crucial to the recovery of our state and national economies. I will also work to bring more bi-partisan leadership to Washington.

Michael L. Pryce

Website: www.michaelpryce.com

Bio: Orthopedic Surgeon, Married 33 years 2 children, Navy Veteran (Intelligence). Inventor with US Patent, President 2 small businesses, 23 years Summit County Republican Executive Committee, Pilot,Noted Author,

Senate Candidate 2010 Independent, 2 Presidential Appointments, Past President Regional Airport Authority.

Answer 1: I would first un-quarter all troops from the Middle East maintaining a rapid deployment force for the defense of Israel and redeploy them on the southern border. Utilize technology rather than troops to quell problems. Concentrating on waste and inefficiency will free up funds for domestic needs. I would eliminate all federal organizations with purposes that are not supported by the Constitution. Re-industrialization will open up many jobs that will diminish the need for federal dollars. Redefine the role of the federal government and dedicate myself to reduce the size. Eliminate IRS, zero the business tax, introduce cash register tax

Answer 2: Remove Barack Obama and Sherrod Brown from Office and repeal Obama Care and replace it with the health care plan I published in my book. Educate the public that businesses do not pay taxes; we pay with increased prices, then eliminate Federal taxes and replace them with cash register tax bringing the cost of our goods down so people can afford them and let the free market rule. This will explode the job market. Absolutely do what ever it takes to protect the 2nd Amendment and forever remove the threat of loss of that right for any reason.