U.S. Rep 1st District (Dem)

This district covers all of Warren County and part of Hamilton County. All candidates were asked to answer these questions:

Question 1: How will you deal with the continuing costs of military actions and the costs of domestic needs?

Question 2: What are the most important issues in this race?

Malcolm Kantzler

Website: http://congressohio.org

Bio: My background is paternal, Reform Jewish; maternal, Catholic. Grew up with Christmas trees and Menorahs; University of Oklahoma, government major; employment: USAF (veteran), charter pilot and flight instructor, air traffic controller, partner in business-services company, retired, this is my first candidacy.

Answer 1: America must end engagements in unnecessary wars, global posting of military units. Ending unconstitutional, presidential, military initiatives and obeying constitutional delegation of war power to deliberative process of congress is first step; disengaging military industrial complex from control (Eisenhower warned of dangers) is next. War Powers Act unconstitutional because it alters Constitution’s separation of powers. Increasing domestic revenues depends upon more balance, eliminate double-edge sword of tax code which slices many with benefits for few w/loopholes and exclusions, cuts again with government control of behavior outside of legislative authority. Raise social security cutoff, means test for benefit, raise age to 65.

Answer 2: One of the most important issues is restoring strong manufacturing base through new technologies and duties on imports of U.S. goods manufactured abroad to reflect U.S. living-wage production costs, level competition for U.S.-based manufacturers and provide incentive for manufacturing to return to U.S.; tax on U.S. companies which out-source service-sector jobs. This will lead to increased jobs, salaries, prosperity. After more than 200 years, Constitution needs overhaul to correct Founders’ mistake by setting House seat/per-capita limit, lower than now approx 500,000:1 (was 75,000:1, suffrage adjusted, in First Congress), to increase response and effectiveness of representation.

Jeff Sinnard

Bio: Born and raised in Cincinnati.  Graduate of the University of Cincinnati in 1986 with a bachelor’s of science in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Registered professional engineer.  Live in the City of Cincinnati with wife Lucy, son and two stepdaughters.

Answer 1: The national debt and budget deficits are a serious burden that we leave to our children and future generations.  The private economy, especially small business is the driving force of the American economy.  I support fiscal policies that reward those men and women whose work and willingness to take financial risk powers our nation.  Our tax laws need to reward work, employment and entrepreneurial risk not just wealth.  The tax code could be simplified, but should remain progressive.

Answer 2: The economy and jobs are the most important issues, but I am beginning to think that we can not make any progress on any of our serious problems until we address campaign finance reform.  I believe that every American deserves an equal voice in the democratic process.  Money has corrupted the political process. The access of the average man or woman is compromised by the flood of cash.  Money is not speech and corporations are not people.

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