Ohio Supreme Court (Dem)

All candidates were asked to answer this questions: What do you perceive to be the greatest obstacle to justice in Ohio?

William O’Neill

Website: oneillforjustice.com

Bio: Judge William M. O’Neill, Court of Appeals 1997-2007; Retired US Army, Bronze Star, Assistant Attorney General, State of Ohio 1984-1996

Answer: The greatest obstacle to justice in Ohio is the widely held perception that justice is for sale. It is fundamentally wrong for a Justice on the Ohio Supreme Court to raise $1-million from doctors, lawyers and insurance companies and then to sit on matters brought by, or against,those very same entities.  Money and Judges Don’t Mix, and that is why I refuse to accept contributions from anyone. 

Fanon A. Rucker

Website: www.ruckerforjustice.com

Bio: J.D., University of Cincinnati; B.A., Hampton University. I am currently a Judge. As a lawyer, I tried hundreds of cases, criminal and civil, represented individuals, small businesses, corporations and municipalities in state and federal court in many areas of law.

Answer: The greatest obstacle to justice in Ohio is the failure of the Supreme Court to adequately connect with the community. Whether justice is achieved is subjective and based upon the beholder’s perceptions. Citizens deserve a Court that reflects the life experiences of those that are affected by its decisions. A Court that is truly reflective of the constitutional principle of “We the People” encourages the People to accept the decisions from the Court as “just”, or fair. The Court can and should do more to engage the community and encourage others in the System to do the same.