Ohio reaction to Kavanaugh nomination to Supreme Court

President Trump selected conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh as his nomination to fill Justice Anthony Kennedy’s seat on the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh has deep roots in Washington, D.C., political and legal arena.

Ohio’s two senators offered vastly different reactions to the pick.

Sen. Rob Portman, who was at the White House when Trump announced his pick, said he looks forward to meeting Kavanaugh in the coming weeks.

“The job of a Supreme Court justice is to fairly and impartially apply the law and to protect the rights guaranteed by the Constitution, not to advance public policy goals by legislating from the bench,” the Ohio Republican said. “Judge Kavanaugh has an impressive background. He is highly regarded as a fair-minded and independent judge and is clearly qualified to serve on the Supreme Court.”

But Sen. Sherrod Brown said he had “serious concerns” about some of Kavanaugh’s rulings, particularly rulings that Brown felt hurt women's rights and consumer rights.

“I plan to review Judge Kavanaugh’s record thoroughly and ask him tough questions face-to-face before I make my decision,” the Ohio Democrat said. “I will not support any Justice who would take rights away from Ohioans.”

Congressman Warren Davidson, R-Troy, said Kavanaugh appears to be a jurist who would uphold the constitution.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted said the nomination of a justice is one of the most important responsibilities for a president, and that he believes “Judge Kavanaugh will be a great addition to our nation’s highest court.”

“Now it is time for the U.S. Senate to do its job and begin the important work of conducting confirmation hearings to seat the next justice before the Court’s next term begins this fall,” Husted said.

Ohio Republican Party Chairman Jane Timken urged Brown to not obstruct Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

“By nominating another highly qualified and distinguished judge to serve on the Supreme Court, President Trump is ensuring that the Constitutional rights of all Americans will be protected for generations to come. Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s record is proof positive that as our next Justice, he will defend the Constitution and faithfully apply the laws as written.”

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