Ohio lawmaker wants Trump to negotiate shutdown deal at State of the Union

Ohio Congressman Bill Johnson has an idea for how best to use President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address: For some good, old-fashioned deal making.

In a statement released Monday, Johnson, a Marietta Republican, called for the Jan. 29 address to be used to resolve the partial government shutdown if a deal has not yet been reached by then.

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“With the entire federal legislative branch in the same room, it would be a great opportunity to craft a deal - right before the eyes of the American people, so they could see for themselves who is willing to negotiate, and who is not,” Johnson said. “President Trump could turn to Speaker Pelosi and extend a hand with a pledge to settle the differences right then and there.”

Johnson, who represents an 18-county swath of eastern Ohio that stretches from east of Canton to the southern tip of the state, said he hopes that the shutdown is resolved by then.

“But if not, the State of the Union would be a great time to get it done,” he said, saying if a deal can’t be reached by then, then he should designate the U.S.-Mexico border issue a national emergency.

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