Ohio House 73rd District (Rep)

Ohio House 73rd District (Rep)

This district covers part of Greene County.

All candidates were asked to answer these questions:

Question 1: Gov. Kasich has indicated he wants a new school funding formula. What would you do to revamp school funding in Ohio?

Question 2: What state government reforms would you support to help businesses cut their costs, red tape and regulations?

Jarrod B. Martin

Bio: Representative Martin is serving his second term in the House. He's a small business owner and is married with three children. He holds an M.B.A from the University of Dayton, and. a B.S; from the College of Mount Saint Joseph.

Answer 1: Ohio's school funding formula is a complex disaster that contributes to a bloated ineffective bureaucracy; ruled unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court, that sees our taxes continue to rise and hurts our children. The new formula must be equitable and fair while leaving parents and local school districts in control. We must be sure that our tax dollars are going into the classroom to benefit our children by recruiting, retaining, and rewarding excellent teachers and not into inflated administrations. If we continue to empower parents, we can fix education in Ohio for the benefit of our children and our future.

Answer 2: We began 2011 facing an $8 billion deficit, had lost 400,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate was over 11%. My colleagues and I in the General Assembly were able to balance our budget, eliminate Ohio's "Death Tax", and reinstate the income tax cut while restructuring the Ohio Department of Development into JobsOhio; which has already helped to create or retain more than 80,000 jobs. We passed the Common Sense Initiative whose sole focus is to root out bureaucratic red tape and burdensome regulations among numerous other pro-business reforms. Workers' Comp. reform and many others are next on our agenda.

Rick Perales

Website: www.voteperales.com

Bio: Greene County Commissioner, u0392eavercreek Mayor & Council Member, UD Campus Planner & Real Estate Director, Ohio Veterans HOF; Dayton Region 25 Most Influential People; Ohio Jaycee Outstanding Mayor, WSU School of ME External Advisory Board.

Answer 1: We should look at ways to encourage sharing repetitive services by examining what programs, such as transportation, can be done at the regional level instead of the district level.  Next, although State Issue 2 failed in 2011, we must look at ways to reform public employee compensation so that it is fair for everyone.  Good teachers should be well-paid, but we need reforms where the emphasis is placed on the progress of children, not the comfort of teachers who may be underperforming. I am also an advocate for school choice.  Competition will improve the overall quality of education for all our children.

Answer 2: I applaud the Kasich-Taylor administration for implementing the Common Sense Initiative, eliminating excessive and duplicative rules that stand in the way of job creation.  As a legislator I will support this kind of outside-the-box thinking that will always look for ways to slim down the size of government.  For example, during the course my two County Commissioner terms, we have reduced the personnel within Commissioner control by nearly 25%, while still providing necessary services.  Just like I have done as a mayor and county commissioner, I will always advocate for balanced budgets that only fund essential government services.

Eric Spicer

Website: www.ericspicer.us

Bio: Eric Spicer, a lifetime Greene County Resident and 25 year businessman and public service is poised and ready to be your trusted State Representative. Eric is currently a Captain with the Greene County Sheriff's Office and oversees the investigative and many administrative functions. Eric is the only candidate with experience of running a business and meeting a payroll in the private sector as well as protecting tax payer dollars in local government. Eric prides himself as being a proven conservative and not just in words, he also is the only non-politician in the race and is running to make a difference while not positioning himself for the next office. Eric is pro-business, pro-gun rights, pro-life and anti tax. Eric is a father of two children, and resides in Beavercreek.

Answer 1: Number one on this issue is do something; this complex problem has been continually kicked down the road for someone else to solve, and the problem is politicians aren't doing anything about it. As a non politician conservative I would like to see local control remain and not replace our current system with one that hurts school districts that are performing well by redistributing they're funding. I would hope that we could build on the idea of a blue chip bi partisan committee advancing this issues to a workable solution. The system of levy after levy is not working and it is hurting many districts. The hi jacking of the local government funds by the state legislature only made the problem larger. This move probably was not the right thing to do. These taxes are still being collected its just the state is now deciding to keep them for their rainy day fund, leaving districts like Fairborn and Beavercreek to seek new levies. That money was collected for local use not the state. Their idea to keep it, only creates new taxing problems on the citizens who again are being asked to do more with less.

Answer 2: First a moratorium on all new regulations, and then a line by line review of whats out there holding back business. As a local business owner I know first hand how daunting these regulations can be and how they hold back job creation. Business cant budget for new jobs while knowing more and more regulations are coming their way. They wait to see what they are going to be and what impact they will have on their business. Secondly we need to make Ohio more competitive with States like Indiana and have policies that keep us on track. I would also like to see more aggressive incentives and tax rebates for Ohio business's who invest in Ohio and buy equipment made in Ohio. Government must be ready to move at the speed of business and do so at all levels.

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