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Montgomery County Issues

HUBER HEIGHTS: Replacement 0.20% income tax for general city operations.

HUBER HEIGHTS: Additional 0.25% income tax for general city operations.

VERONA: Additional, 3 mills, police.

VERONA: Renewal, 2 mills, general expenses.

BUTLER TWP.: Additional, 3 mills, police.

GERMAN TWP.: Renewal, 0.5 mills, recreation.

JACKSON TWP.: Renewal, 1 mill, parks and recreation.

WASHINGTON TWP.: Replacement and increase, 1.7 mills and increase of 0.15 mills, streets and bridges.

KETTERING SCHOOLS: Renewal, 4.9 mills, current expenses.

OAKWOOD SCHOOLS: Renewal, 1.8 mills, building repairs, maintenance.

BROOKVILLE SCHOOLS: Renewal, 5 mills, current expenses.

MAD RIVER SCHOOLS: Additional, 5.9 mills, current expenses.