Man electrifies his Donald Trump yard signs to prevent vandalism

A Bellingham, Washington, man, who is supporting Donald Trump says people kept on stealing his Trump yard signs almost as fast as he was putting them up.

Ray Gilbride told KIRO Radio that he has had a total of seven signs stolen.

This summer, Gilbride got fed up.

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First he set up a security camera, but when he turned over footage of people taking the signs to police, he says they didn't follow up.

Gilbride then wired up a rig that electrified the signs.

Surveillance video showed people taking the signs and getting shocked.

“This young lady came running through and she grabs the signs (and) pulls them out and that’s where you can see, plain as day, the jolt hit her a little bit,” he said. “She just stopped ... just a dead stop,and soon as the pulsing was done, she kinda got her senses and ripped them out and took off running down the street. But it was a pretty funny video.”

Gilbride shared footage from his surveillance camera with KIRO Radio. It can be seen on the radio station's website.