Butler Co. Commission (Rep)

Butler Co. Commission (Rep)

All candidates were asked to answer this question: Within the context of the elected office you are seeking, what is the most important issue facing your community and what would you do to address it?

Charles R. Furmon

Bio: I served 30 years as a Hamilton Police Officer.  After retiring from the Police Department, with the rank of Lieutenant, I was then elected Mayor of Hamilton.  I am now a Butler County Commissioner, first elected in 1996.

Answer: The economy is an important issue facing our world and our nation today.  Butler County is no exception.  Property values, property tax revenues and sales tax revenues have declined.  Ohio state government continues to make cuts in local government  funds.   As Commissioners we must work to provide necessary services to our citizens within the limits of our available resources.  To do this we must continue spending cuts, bring jobs and economic development to Butler County.

Courtney E. Combs

Bio: I am a 44 year veteran of Real Estate having served on many boards throughout the county and have been elected Hamilton City Councilman, Butler County Commissioner and State Representative. Am married to Carol, have five children and eight grandchildren.

Answer: I formed the Economic Development Authority of Butler County (E.D.A.B.C.), a private public partnership bringing in over $130,000 a year from banks, utilities, and industries for future economic development in Butler County. The Commissioners let E.D.A.B.C. die and now Butler County is left with a nonfunctioning Economic Development department. I have talked with the past members of E.D.A.B.C. and many are willing to revise this program. My number one priority as your next Commissioner will be JOBS.

Timothy C. Rogers

Website: tcrogers.org

Bio: Married 39 years to Ginny Rogers with two sons. Born and resident of Butler County over 55 years. 35 years as Housing Industry Executive and Small Business Owner. Experienced Business Turnaround Consultant

Served on Butler County Budget Advisory Board. Graduated from University of Cincinnati with a degree in Business Administration

Answer: How do we maintain the state-mandated services to residents without raising taxes and preserving our most effective public workforce? I believe we must reestablish communication, now broken between the commission and the office holders to re-direct how their individual needs work within the county's budget constraints. I would also renew our businesses that can take advantage of our Airport and highway access.