May the 4th be with you: Star Wars-themed pop-up bar open in SW Ohio

CINCINNATI — May 4, also known as Star Wars Day, has people across the Tri-State celebrating the sci-fi mega hit’s impact on generations across the globe.

Over-the-Rhine’s newest pop-up bar, the Galactic Cantina, is obviously joining in on the fun. The Star Wars-themed bar is part of Cosmic Gorilla. Once you enter through the secret red door on Race Street, you’ll be transported into another galaxy. You can feel like you’re on the Death Star or even the Star Destroyer.

“We have a lightsaber wall people are more than welcome to grab a saber and take some photos, we’ve got droids all around the place, lots of weird like little photo ops with the light,” said bar manager Fynne Brennan. “There’s some like secret hidden gems too that I feel like the real big Star Wars fans can kind of look around and find them and be like ‘that’s cool.’”

Brennan added today is a perfect day to get your fix of blue milk, a galaxy favorite.

The bar is opening at noon today instead of 4 p.m.

Fans are able to order dry ice drinks, drinks with smoke bubbles, and other sci-fi looking beverages. The majority of the cantina’s drinks are fueled by fruit-forward flavors, bright colors, vapor and even bubbles. Galactic Cantina also has plenty of non-alcoholic options. Bounty hunters under 21 can also sip on Windu Punch or other mocktails with their adult counterparts before 9 p.m.

The Bengalorian will also make an appearance today.

Make sure to keep your lightsaber close because you never know when you could encounter a rowdy Rancor. Also, watch your step. You do not want to fall into a Sarlaac Pit.

Brennan said you are more than welcome to dress up as your favorite character too.

Even if you aren’t a super fan, there’s still a spot for you in the Galactic Cantina.

“I don’t think you have to be a fan of Star Wars or sci-fi to come and enjoy the space, enjoy the bar and enjoy the cocktails,” owner Jacob Trevino said.

Galactic Cantina is open Wednesday through Monday, and reservations are not needed to enjoy the pop-up experience — “bounty hunters don’t make reservations.” There’s no word on when the pop-up bar will close at this time.

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