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Woman with AIDS arrested for spitting in faces

A woman with AIDS was arrested on two counts of felonious assault after she spit in the faces of two other women, according to a court affidavit.

April Thompson, 38, also faces a possible charge of resisting arrest.

Two victims notified police that on Wednesday, Thompson, who is open about having AIDS, spit in both of their faces.

When deputies went to arrest Thompson in the 2200 block of East National Road, she didn't comply with police orders to drop a phone and put her hands behind her back, according to reports. Officers were able to arrest her, and while en route to Clark County Jail, she started banging her head against the cage doors in the cruiser.

Thompson was placed in another cruiser and transported to the Clark County Jail where she was placed in a suicidal smock, according to reports.

A DNA swab was taken and submitted.