Wittenberg University to cut faculty positions

Wittenberg University will be eliminating at least eight teaching positions for the 2020-2021 academic school year as the university looks at enrollment trends.

Eight instructors at the university were notified that their appointments to teach would not be renewed for the next academic year, according to an email from Wittenberg’s President Mike Frandsen that was sent to students and faculty Friday morning.

“…..it was one in a series of difficult decisions we must make as we analyze our operations, staffing levels, and programmatic offerings in light of our current and projected enrollment, changing student demographics both in Ohio and in the nation, changing student interests, and new ways of knowing in the world today,” he wrote.

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Six of the instructors are untenured and two were on the tenure-track, according to the email.

“There are growing realities that Wittenberg, like most institutions our size, face with regard to increasing challenges impacting higher education and the cost of delivering that education. If we are to adapt and evolve as we continue to work for the success of our students, we must right-size our institution, streamline operations, and realign for future success,” Frandsen said in the email.

We have reached out to the university for additional comment and will provide an update when more information is available.