Triad 3rd grader makes, delivers care packages to those in need

A Triad Elementary School third grader who loves to help people delivered over 900 care packages on Thursday to Triad High School

These personal care packages will be given to students on Sunday during the district’s scheduled lunch pick-ups.

Emma Bialecki, 9, and her mother, Heather Bialecki, created “Gracie’s Plan” in December 2019 to help others.

“We came up with it just to help people,” the mom said, after a fellow student did not have access to personal items.

The two have made a lot of packages in the last three months, especially recently due to the coronavirus.

“We’ve made a lot. It’s been on going,” she said. “It’s been a lot more recently.”

Emma said she feels excited about making and giving out the packages to people of all ages.

“I like helping others,” she said.

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Gracie’s Plan not only helps schools, but also churches, hospitals and the homeless.

“Her grandma is in the hospital and every time we go down there, Emma has packaged up special bags for the homeless. She passes them out as we find people in need when going to see her grandma,” her mother said. “Grandma supported Emma with Gracie’s Plan a lot. She’s always checking if she needs anything.”

Emma and her mom hope to expand Gracie’s Plan to more people and schools.

“We’ve done about six churches and Marysville schools. We dropped off boxes for them to pass out to all of the schools in Union County,” Heather Bialecki said. “Our plan is to reach out to as many schools as possible who need them and people all over.”

The personal care packages include items such as shampoo and conditioner, body wash and deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush, dental floss, lip balm, and sometimes food.

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“A lot of the schools have the meal bags, so we don’t do a lot of food for the ones for schools because we’re making as many as we can, which has been a lot lately,” she said.

Helping people is something the two love doing.

“Some people it brings tears to their eyes,” the mom said said. “I think because it’s more touching that it’s affecting so many people in a good way.”

Heather Bialecki said she is very proud of Emma for doing this.

“I am very proud of her,” she said. “I knew that Emma was going to be different. I knew she was different from the beginning.”

If you would like to donate items, visit the Gracie’s Plan Facebook page and send a message.

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