This Clark County road will be closed for more than a month

A bridge repair project will shut down a Clark County road for more than a month.

Plattsburg Road in Harmony Township was scheduled to close Monday and not reopen until June 26, according to the Clark County Engineer’s Office. The road will be closed between Fletcher Pike and U.S. Route 40, according to a press release.

“Please note: construction by nature is subject to constant change, inclement weather and unexpected findings,” the release says.

The type of work that is shutting down the road is “bridge deck repair,” according to the release. The road will be closed to all through traffic.

Clark County Engineer Johnathon Burr said the bridge that is being repaired is an overpass for I-70.

The maintenance on the bridge will be conducted by the Ohio Department of Transportation, he said.

“It’s not a replacement,” Burr said. “They will hydro demo it.”

Crews will take a super high-pressure washer and remove concrete from the bridge’s driving surface, Burr said. They will then replace the concrete to create a safer, smoother commute, he said.

The crews will also repair and replace the barriers on the bridge, Burr said.

About 900 cars travel on the road a day, he said.

“As far as rural roads go is it is one of the more major roads; it’s not one of the back roads but it’s also not the most heavily traveled road,” he said.

For more information, residents may visit ClarkCountyOhio.Gov/engineer.

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