Springfield fire chief warns of firework dangers ahead of July 4th weekend

Springfield’s fire chief is asking residents to not shoot off fireworks this Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Chief Brian Miller said a video was sent to the City of Springfield on Wednesday morning showing a firework malfunctioning after being shot off by a local resident.

“The first firework goes into the air and explodes, probably as designed, the rest of maybe the roman candles, starts to shoot flaming mortars in all directions, going off under cars and striking houses,” Miller said.

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Nothing was damaged as a result of the firework, Miller said, and the resident has apologized to his neighbor.

But the video is an example of why fireworks should be left to professionals only, Miller said.

“This is why you leave it to the professionals. They build racks, they put the fireworks in the racks, they are highly regulated,” Miller said. “The bottom line is fireworks are explosives and if you don’t have the training you shouldn’t blow stuff up.”

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