Rumor of Springfield police on ‘Cops’ TV show spreads on social media

Updated Dec 07, 2016

A Springfield police team will be featured on the popular show “Cops” but it won’t be any officers from Ohio.

A Facebook post reporting that the Springfield Police Division in Clark County will be featured on the national TV show is false, Springfield Police Chief Steve Moody said Wednesday.

“It’s probably another Springfield in the country,” the chief said.

There are currently 34 populated cities or villages in 25 states named Springfield throughout the United States, including five in Wisconsin, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

“The headline of the article simply reads: Springfield Police will be featured on ‘Cops’ next week. That alone might have confused readers,” Moody said.

With further digging into the story link that is posted online, readers can find the “Springfield” police featured are in Springfield, Missouri.

A few months ago when many stories about criminals dressed up as clowns and trying to abduct children was circulating on social media, the same types of rumors started about clowns in Springfield, police said.

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Police quickly also dismissed those reports as false.

For those still interested in watching the show, the Springfield, Missouri police will be featured on Dec. 17 starting at 8 p.m. on the Spike network.