Restaurant considers bringing store to Springfield

A Cincinnati-based restaurant chain is considering a possible restaurant in Springfield, but so far has not been able to find a franchisee, the company’s chief development officer told the News-Sun.

Buffalo Wings and Rings operates more than 55 locations in Ohio, Illinois, Texas, Indiana and Kentucky, along with a handful of other states. The chain has saturated the Cincinnati market, and it makes sense for the company to look at possible new locations between Cincinnati and Columbus, said Philip Schram, the company’s chief development officer.

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This is not the first time company officials said they are interested in Springfield. Schram told the News-Sun the company was eyeing potential locations in Clark County in 2015. North of Springfield, the chain also has locations in Columbus, Piqua and Lima.

“Our highest priority is to develop within two hours around Cincinnati,” Schram said.

Representatives from the company met with local officials about the possibility of opening a location in Clark County earlier this year, according to information from the company.

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Schram said the company’s franchise fee is about $35,000 per location, but the chain recently started a new promotion allowing franchisees to pay that fee one time if they open a specified number of locations.

Each restaurant typically has about 40 employees.

The chain opened in Cincinnati in 1984 and focuses on selling wings, sandwiches, wraps, salads and quesadillas. Schram and his business partners bought the chain in 2005, according to the company’s website.

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